About us

Recipes have a way of traveling through space and time. To trace the origins of the food at Amir's Falafel, you'd have to go all the way back to 1930s Jerusalem. It was here that Noami Amir perfected her falafel recipe and opened a restaurant with her husband, Chaim. The couple would have a son, Yehuda, who began working in the restaurant at age six, standing on a stool to take orders.

Today, Yehuda serves the same traditional Middle Eastern cuisine—but in Los Angeles. Bold lamb shawarma twists on the rotisserie, waiting to be sliced and piled high in a plate with hummus and salads. And of course, there's falafel, made the same way Noami used to back in Jerusalem.

What is Falafel?
Falafel is a delicious blend of garbanzo herbs and spices.  All natural ingredients make Falafel the healthiest of "fast foods".


What is Shawarma?
Shawarma is the delicious blend of turkey and lamb, slow cooked on a vertical rotisserie. We have both chicken and lamb/turkey options.



What is Hummus?

Hummus is a unique middle eastern delicacy.  We authentically prepare our hummus with your health in mind.  Excellent as a dip, in salads, in sandwiches or as a main course entree.  Made from garbanzo beans, sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic, and our special mix of herbs and spices.